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Sometimes, to gain everything, we must first lose everything.

(a love story, gently supernatural)

Words Transcending Time
                                    Love Transcending Death.

(this book is coming soon)

Two Americans, Miranda Amendola and her sister Tanya, pass through Rome on their way to Amalfi. While there, an old musician and an appealing but mysterious man open new doorways for them into the heartbroken land of the Costiere Amalfitana.

Amalfi, the most beautiful city on the world's most beautiful coastline, is a storied place. Here Odysseus tied himself to his ship's mast to hear the Sirens sing. Here Orpheus competed with the gods of music. And here, in 1512, Giovanna d'Aragona, the famous Duchess of Malfi, sacrificed herself to save her dignity and her love—and disappeared without a trace. Only her celebrated, much-debated portrait by Raphael hints at her secret life and untimely death.

Giovanna d'Aragona

From the antiquity of the Roman nights to the ruined stones of the Castello di Scalella, Miranda chases the legend of the duchess: a woman, according to local lore, whose ghost wanders the hills, weeping for love.

Hoping to find release from her own haunted past, Miranda writes a journal of her widowhood. All goes well until papers begin to appear in Miranda's bedroom while she sleeps: ancient papers, five hundred years old—a translation into Italian of Miranda's journal. But it is more than mere translation. The ancient script revises her work, recreates her ideas, and Miranda realizes that her diary is gradually becoming a five-hundred-years-dead autobiography.

In THE ITALIAN TRANSLATION the world of the Costiera Amalfitana comes to life—from the rich concert music of Ravello to the azure blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea—and a haunted woman discovers the single most important truth in life: love never dies.