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During the photo shoot, Mephistopheles was as good as gold and better.
He is a very relaxed cat.
Mephy is my constant companion and sits on my lap while I write (sometimes for as much as sixteen hours at a stretch).

Tamburlaine is a 15.1 hand Morgan
(registered name: Bonnie Hill Crown Prince).
He is looking very noble and regal here, but he is in fact a happy-go-lucky individual with a really unusual sense of humor. One of my greatest pleasures is spending the day in the arena or on the trail with Tamburlaine and Damaris, who usually spends such days on her Quarter Horse, Cin. Damaris, by the way, is a much better rider than I am.

I found Bobby as a stray on Hallowe'en.
Except for my horses, all of my pets are rescue animals.
Bobby traveled with me across the country for the years I was acting. He was a real trooper. He also loved playing on sliding boards. It has been over seventeen years since I lost Bobby, and I still miss him each and every day.

This little lady, a wild Dartmoor pony, wandered up to me on a siding while I was traveling through England collecting material for one of my FOUR SEASONS books. She was either quite pregnant or comically fat, but she was very friendly and, as luck would have it, able to lead Damaris and me directly to where some lovely people were selling Devonshire Cream Fudge from a caravan. Now that's the mark of a good friend–and very possibly a hint to her heft.

Our household also consists of three other horses, my wife's Quarter Horse gelding, Leo's Amigo, and Quarter Horse mare, Cindy's Andy Poco, and Tamburlaine's full sister, Bonnie Hill Dream Crystal.

My wife's cat, Oedipus, is seventeen years old (and he is in charge of the house, make no mistake).

And then there are the dogs: an elderly collie (Ganymede), a goofy Old English Sheepdog (Dudley), and a Yorkshire terrier with a personality disorder (Einstein).

This is what comes of not being able to have children.