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My fascination with the Loch Ness legend dates back a long way. This was drawn while I was thirteen years old and when my imaginative reconstruction of Urquhart castle owed much to the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Damaris in her St. Andrews gown.
St. Salvator's quadrangle, Scotland, 1982—three years before we met.

Damaris (in her St. Andrews scarf), me (in my college sweatshirt), my brother Mark, and Grandmother at the Trout Inn, Wolvercote, England. Christmas 1987. The year after Damaris and I graduated law school and were married. We are both graduate students here–she is in Classics, I am studying Renaissance literature.


Sam Wanamaker and me (that's Zoe "Madam Hooch" Wanamaker's father, for you fans of Harry Potter–a great actor in his own right and a fine director). We are overlooking Shakespeare's Globe Theatre site.

Playing Hamlet in Oregon.

The Shakespearean Actor, 1996.

Performing Prospero in The Tempest.
I grew a beard only for a part. It always came off right after closing.

Production still from Waking Daíbhidh (that's pronounced "David") an Irish ghost story that I both wrote and directed.
[Brandi Holloway and John Alderman acting].


On Taffy at nearly 3 (with my grandfather, Jay) and Sparkle at 7 years old.

Helping Damaris with her research into Alexander the Great's cavalry. Tamburlaine (the ever-patient) and me (the ever-willing). Here I am demonstrating the use of a 15-foot weapon called a sarissa.

And here is Damaris on her Quarter Horse, Cin, looking every inch the Macedonian marauder.